Little Q-DOS Reviews

If you’ve tried the Little Q-DOS, please give your review here. NB.This is as yet a new nappy, so although there may not be many yet, I am sure they will build up.

6/11/17 Note – the good reviews are getting almost embarrassing! I am honestly publishing ALL reviews – they are not being screened! There just haven’t been any bad ones yet.

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20 thoughts on “Little Q-DOS Reviews

  1. When I first started looking at cloth nappies my instant reaction to terries was no. I’ve now been using little q-dos and terries squares on my one month old since birth and I LOVE them. So absorbant, dry so fast and the folding is super easy and in fact fun! The Q-dos are way less bulky and will last as she grows. I also have muslins but they aren’t enough and I use the Q-dos boosters to boost them, and some Little Lamb bambo which I hate as even though I have a tumble dryer they take hours and hours to dry and are no more absorbant or easy to put on. I’d highly recommend terries and q-dos…


  2. I tried the Q-Dos yesterday after buying one for a trial and I wish I had just bought loads – it was so much easier to fit than I had anticipated, really soft and comfy, and no leaks! My 7 month old is still not weaned due to health issues and is also on diuretics and as a result he pees a lot, but the Q-Dos could handle it perfectly. I’m off to purchase some right now 🙂


  3. I’ve just used my first superpee qdos and first impressions are that they’re fantastic. They’re super silky soft. They are very slim – unbelievably so – lacking unnecessary bulk around the legs. Easy to fold, and forgiving. So far, so good. One happy with a an call booster played us all night with absorbency to spare.


  4. Lovely slim fit nappies. I have the Little Q-DOS superpee and they work great on my 20mo. He is tall and slim and I was getting a lot of leaks with AIO’s no matter what I boosted them with.
    I use 2 with 2 boosters and a wool wrap at night and have had no leaks. I’ve ordered a couple more so I have some to try on my newborn in May and predict another order once things have settled down!


  5. I’ve been trialing the little Q-Dos nappy for a couple of weeks and I love it. It’s such a clever design for those that like the pros of cloth (cheap, flexible sizing, versatile absorbency with additional inserts) but are put off by the folding. I’ve used it with little lamb size 1 wraps and motherease Rikki and we’ve had no leaks. They’re also not bulky like my cotton terrys and for taking out and about. My baby is 8 weeks so still poos A LOT. Finally, it washes well and dries quickly for bamboo. I’ll definitely be ordering more, thank you Alison for making them!


  6. Today has been our very first day of cloth nappies. After lots of research online as to what nappies to get, Little pants kept cropping up on various FB pages and it got me considering terries (cost and drying time the big pluses) so I bought 5x QDOS, 5x bamboo inserts, fleece liners and 2x nature babies wraps. Fit – felt awkward at first so stopped and re-watched the video. Got it on fine then, tucked in around the legs nicely (although I am sure there is still room to improve my fit after only 2x wears) . The wraps were pretty easy to go over the top also. Our daughter is only 12 weeks old so I left out a booster and just popped in a fleece liner. Both wears were for 3 hours and both included roughly 45-60 mins in a baby carrier (dog walk and shopping). No leaks both times. The QDOS was wet so think I’ll boost next time, but no red marks or wee escapes so I’m really happy. If the rest of the week goes as well I will definitely be upping these in my stash. Also customer service was spot on and delivery swift so thank you.


  7. I bought 3 of these as a possible solution to my heavy wetter at night (he’s only 4 months!) id been told that Terry was really absorbent but found traditional Terry squares a bit fiddly and bulky. When I came across these I was happy to give it a try as I was tired of waking up wet (we bedshare) and tired of the grisly boy I got by waking him up for a change, or the party boy who didn’t want to go back to sleep at 3am after. I found these a little fiddly to start just purely trying to figure out where to fold the toungue ( he’s too small for half and too big for thirds…🤦‍♀️) but once I had that sorted and the placement of boosters I was golden. The material is good quality and also slim so even when folded its slimmer than my other nighttime nappies. I’m still playing around with the absorbency required as my little is currently going through a growth spurt so having milk more often and therefore seeing more but I can generally get a good 8-10 hours out of these paired with a wrap or even better, wool soaker. The fact that I can wash in the morning and they’d be dry by bedtime (air dry) is fantastic. I even use them in the day when I’ve ran out of my day times and used the soakers to boost other nappies. All in all I’m really happy with them and will order some more soon 🙂


  8. As a new cloth nappy user looking for a versatile, affordable nappy solution I am very pleased and impressed with the Little Q-dos nappy! The cloth nappy world felt a little overwhelming, even after visits to the local nappy library I was feeling unsure about which sizes, which fits.. how much…
    Thankfully I came across the Little Q-dos nappy trial and the littlepantsblog, and it gave me the confidence to make a decision. The nappies are well made and very carefully thought out. My babe was super comfy, and the nappies dried lovely overnight so I’ve made the switch. My husband loves them too!
    I’ll be recommending to friends. Hooray for cloth nappies and the Little Q-dos!


  9. I tried the Little Q-Dos and was very pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use – I’ve always been put off traditional terry nappies and all the folding, but this was easy to use even on a wriggly 10 month old! The nappy was very slim fitting, not much bulkier than a disposable, and dried really quickly after washing. Definitely well worth trying!


  10. Tried the little Q-dos in a recent trial. I got to try it twice during our week with it. I used a fleece liner and both times contained her poop which is a wee bit soft. I found them a little tough to get right at first but once you learn it’s easy enough. I’m a terry convert and love the versatility of them but these would be perfect for someone that doesn’t want to or finds the folding difficult. The fabric is deliciously soft and is relatively absorbent, I had a leak but I should have used both boosters for my heavy wetter and didn’t so was a fault of my own and not the nappy. Lovely and slim and I would definitely recommend. I’m very likely to purchase some of the terries from this seller.


  11. Little QDOS are great nappies! They are:
    Easy to fold
    You can add boosters as required
    Dry quickly
    Leave no marks
    They are very absorbent and trim fit at the same time, so you can dress your baby in clothes you like, as very often cloth bums are too big for some pants.
    I use little QDOS or fitted nappies during the day and bamboo terry squares for the night and I have no leaks (as opposite to aios or pocket nappies). So happy about them! Thanks Alison for designing them!

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  12. I just trialled the q dos nappy and I’m impressed! I had tried out a nappy from the Czech Republic with similar design and was recommended the q dos as I live in the UK . Firstly customer service was excellent, all my queries were quickly answered and Alison was very helpful. When the nappy arrived I was pleased it came with boosters which made it great value. I soaked it overnight as it is made of bamboo and then washed it. The nappy fluffed up beautifully and I was very surprised how quickly it dried as bamboo is notorious for slow drying. Following the video it was easy to put on baby and gripped well with a snappi. It was lovely and slim fitting and I’m able to use all my wraps over it which is unusual. I ordered the super piddler version and it does what it says! I did struggle with the leg gape, having only used fitted nappies before, but am mastering tucking it round babies thigh and remembering to do so! I ‘make’ the nappy up before hand as baby is a wriggler and I just slide it under her and wrap it around her. I’d recommend this nappy to anyone wanting to use traditional squares but terrified of the origami! The bamboo is great quality and great value. Thanks little pants (ppl now think I’m am origami terry master!)


  13. I recently trialled the Little Q-DOS as I’ve got a toddler who’s pushing the size boundaries of his current fitted nappies. I’ve tried terry squares a few times but found them too bulky and way too fiddly, so was interested to see what the Little Q-DOS was like. It was so much simpler to fold – the size I needed just required the long “tongue” to be halved and boosters put within the fold, and then it functioned similarly to putting a fitted/elasticated nappy on. If you’re considering using terry squares, definitely try this first!

    It is much trimmer than terries, and in fact even boosted is trimmer than the fitted nappies I use. Absorbency was good, dare I say impressive, for something so thin, and can obviously be boosted inside or outside the nappy as required. There’s no elastic to snap so I can imagine these would last for a long time. While I can’t comment on how these fit a newborn, they most definitely would continue to fit my 98th percentile child until (and past!) potty training.

    In terms of containment – I currently use fitted/elasticated nappies so am not used to folds, so this could well have been new user error/an issue with any terries – I found that poo came out the legs a little (still contained by the wrap) even though they’d been folded in as instructed in the video.

    Finally, drying time was good for bamboo, owing to the fact that the nappy is thin and completely folds out. I have a ceiling airer so the long length didn’t matter to me, but I can see that could be a bit tricky if you’ve only got a standing airer. All in all, I thought it was a good solid nappy, with a great yet simple design.


  14. Niamh
    I ordered a trial of the Little Q-DOS as I was finding normal terries too bulky on my then 10 week old but needed something more absorbent than the Muslins we were using. We used it 3 times over the trial week
    The Little Q-DOS ticked all the boxes for us. I found it relatively easy to master the fold. The fit was trim and snug in my little one and contained explosive bf poos – ultimate test 🙂 I found it to be as absorbent, with the booster, as my 60×60 terries but with much less bulk
    It dried quickly both on airer and outside and I reached for it again as soon as it was dry
    I will definitely be ordering more to add to my stash
    Congratulations Alison on a great product!!


  15. We used the little Q-DOS and found it fantastic. I followed the instructions and found it very easy to use. I was surprised at how versatile it was as it fit my newborn (about 8lb at the time) baby when I know others on the tour where much bigger babies! It was snug without obvious bulky extra fabric. It closed well using the nappy nippa and the legs rolled in nicely. We used it three times over the week the first two were a few minute wears (my LO decided she wanted a nice big poo in a nice clean nappy lol) so poo test passed no explosion escaped. The third time she wore for several hours with no leaks no marks and seemed quite comfortable.
    They were easy to wash and quite light weight so dried easily (although we dry on an airer and they took my quite a bit of space on there (literally the only criticism I can think of) )
    We use a selection of little lamb and tots bots atm although would love to incorporate these into the mix. A lovely product definitely worth a try!


  16. We used the Q-DOS on a trial. These are my thoughts:

    – love how quick drying it is
    – if I were starting out I’d definitely consider the Q-DOS over buying terrys as the BTP aspect is great. We have lots of terrys and I think they’re great.
    -Slim fitting 👍
    – I found it leaked pretty quickly but my boy is a seriously heavy wetter. He seems to hold his wees and then floods his nappy. I’m struggling a bit with this with all our nappies so it’s not necessarily telling you much about the Q-DOS. I only got to try it twice so some more fiddling might have got a better fit.


  17. I bought one QDos nappy about a month ago and have been very impressed with it. I love how it just moulds around my baby’s size. I had been having problems with red marks on baby’s skin with various other nappies so I loved the fact that there are no elastics in the Qdos to mark her. I have only used the Qdos with the nature baby wraps and it is a much softer wrap in my opinion so huge improvement in red marks with that also. We also haven’t had and leaks with it and it dries so quickly as well. I have just put in an order for more Qdos nappies as I would like to start using them more than the other nappies that I have. I have also ordered some wool so I plan on using Qdos with nature baby wrap during the day and Qdos with wool soaker during the night.


  18. We had the little Q-DOS from new and pre washed it once before use. I needed to watch the video to understand how to fold it for my 20 month old toddler, but I was impressed with its versatility.

    We tried it 3 times over the week we had it on trial, based on washing our nappy loads every other day. First trial was overnight, with both boosters and I was pleased that it absorbed everything it needed to. I chose to use a fleece liner between baby and nappy each time and a Blueberry coverall wrap over the top. Second and third times were daytime trials and it contained poo on both occasions – phew!

    As it folds out flat, the drying speed is great. You could imagine them flapping around on a washing line on a nice summers day. A negative of this though is that they do take up quite a bit of space to dry indoors if you want to open them out fully, although about 4 hours on a heated airer (gentle low heat) was sufficient.

    I’ve not been a fan of Terry squares – we have cotton ones so have the bulk issue but I’ve also never really found THE fold to contain everything and be easy enough to do up quickly with a nippa and ensure it’s on securely! This was definitely a revelation though and if Ashley is in nappies much past fitting BTP ones then I think we would consider purchasing the Q DOS. As it is though, we are stashified!!


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