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A Free trial pack of Cheapy Wipes will be sent with every order made in the shop before midnight 17/9/17.

The trial pack includes one wipe in each size – Poonami, Standard and Wee Wipes.

Code to use is FREEWIPES


POONAMI Washable Wipes Discount code

There is a 10% discount code off Poonami wipes available until next Wednesday. The code is ‘NewFleece’

There are 3 sizes of wipes

Poonami Wipes 20cm x 15cm – from £7 for 10

Standard Wipes 15cm x 12cm – from £6 for 10

Wee Wipes – smaller and irregularly sized  – £3.50 for 10

Wee Wipes are basically seconds or made from smaller offcuts. Suitable for small jobs or even as make-up removal pads.

Poonami and Standard Wipes are available in your choice of prints. Wee Wipes are Lucky Dip



New shape fleece liners now available

The new coverall fleece liners are now available. Ultimately there will be 2 sizes – standard and newborn, but the standard ones are available now.

From £6 for 10 liners.


New Fleece prints coming soon

I have just ordered some lovely new fleeces for washable wipes and Fleece liners. The fleece liner design is also getting a facelift, and the new fleece liners will be a shape which better covers your chiild’s entire nappy area.

I hope to have these available in the next couple of weeks.


Flash Sale this weekend


Lots of yarns suitable for nappy covers. Some ready made nappy covers, plus some flat nappies.…


Back from holidays

I am now back from holidays, and back in the swing. Orders are now pretty much up to date, so everything is open again.

I will be having a sale in the next couple of weeks, so watch out for an update.


Little Q-DOS

On Holiday!

Just realised I haven’t updated this for ages! I’m on holiday in Europe until mid August, so I’ll probably be quiet until then. But feel free to browse. The shops also on a slow down – orders can be made, but in most cases won’t be shipped until I get home again. However I do have wool and needles with me, so custom nappy covers will be made ready to ship as soon as I get home again.

Orders for the Little Q-Dos and LittlePants bamboo terry squares, inserts, washable wipes etc.  will be a short time after I get home, as I’ll need to make them, but please feel free to order whenever you like.