Cheapy Wipes

I have just upgraded the Cheapy Wipes options. Now available from £3 for 10 wipes, and available in 3 sizes.

Poonami wipes – a generous 20cm x15cm. Available in a choice of fleece prints

Standard wipes – slightly smaller than Poonami and varying slightly in shape and sizes, but all capable of doing standard wiping jobs. Only available as Lucky Dip prints – a random mix.

Wee Wipes – smaller again, and varying in shape and size as they are made from remnants. Suitable for small jobs or even make-up removing pads. Only available as Lucky Dip prints – a random mix.

10% discount code available until 1/7/17. Code is PREPARE.4 prints


News and updates

New discount code

I have just added a new discount code to the online shop. The code PREPARE will give you 10% off all LittlePants own brand items, except custom items, from now until midnight 30/6/17. This is so you can prepare and stock up, ready for my slowdown while I am in Europe, from the beginning of July until mid August. During July and the first half of August you will be able to order items, but most will not be shipped until my return in Mid August.

Little Q-DOS


I will be out of the country from 4/7/17 until 15/8/17. Orders can still be made between these dates, but most will not be shipped until my return.

In order that I take the right yarns with me when I leave, custom orders for wool nappy covers have a pre-order code available now. Code HOLIDAY17 will give you 10% off pre-orders for most wool nappy covers (excluding lucky dips)  The code is valid until 3/7/17.

This is a good opportunity for you to stock up on next size soakers etc.

The photos give you some ideas, but lots of other options are available.

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Little Q-DOS

How about another Little Q-Dos tour – the time world wide?

The original tour has now finished, so how about starting a tour somewhere else? Here’s how it works.

I need 6 people in any one country who would like to trial this nappy. Each host will have the nappy to stay for one week, during which they can use it as much as they like. At the end of the week they send it on to the next host on the tour.

To join the tour you will need to pay a deposit of approximately £7, which covers the value of the nappy and nippa. This is to make sure that the nappy does get posted on, and there are no delays further down it’s schedule. Once the next host receives the nappy, your deposit will be refunded in full. So you will just pay onward postage to the next host.

To join/start a tour in any country outside UK or Ireland, please comment below, stating which country you are in.(e.g., your comment should simply say e.g.. AUSTRALIA.

Once a comment is left I will message you. As soon as 6 people in any one country have expressed an interest in a tour, I will set the tour in motion.


Little QDOS Shell and Inserts